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Much Ado About Reading

Or Currently reading.
Although I’m not currently reading all these books. I should be currently reading. Still, one by one, I suppose.


University. Master’s degree. Thesis. Bibliography. Hashtag.

WP_20141019_20_06_40_ProI’m apparently writing about Authorship and Fanfiction, or something related to those two topics, and this is a selection of books that I have so far that should or should not have some hints of information about the topic. Apparently writing because that’s the topic I managed to narrow it down to from a list of endless possibilities, none of which interest me much atm. But I suppose this one is one of those that not interest me less, so it’s fine and there should be enough to say about it, and it can nicely be expanded or further limited in case either is necessary. I think.

The one book I’ve already read (okay yes I skipped some parts about RPF since they didn’t seem to have anything that would help me in this) is Fic by Anne Jamison. Probably the first book I ever completely trashed. I am fully against writing in books, or making any other markings in them other than maybe bending a corner of the page (or completely ruining the spine but that’s so not the same thing), but here I just thought wth and went with it.

WP_20141019_20_42_16_ProSo now it looks like this. Basically on every single page. Some have just a few lines, some have heavily drawn boxes around a block of text. Some are filled with arrows, some have text all along the margin. (Note that this particular article in there didn’t really give me much in terms of the thesis thing but I just liked it and trashed it cos Supernatural, is all.)

The next book on the list is not mine, My Unwritten Books by George Steiner, so I cannot make any markings on it. Unfortunately. Although. There’s not really any markings to make, since I honestly do not know what I could possibly take from it. One or two pages in there gave me an idea that I might include in the thesis for a paragraph or two, perhaps, but other than that so far it has proven to be quite useless in this regard. Some parts could actually be interesting, true, but it’s hard to enjoy it when there’s a voice in your head repeating ‘I don’t need to know this’ after every sentence.

The other books that deal with FF (Fanfiction) specifically are also mine. So I will be free to trash them too. Yay. My first thought when they arrived? ‘Oh lovely goodness they are small!’ I was expecting them to be thicker, like Fic, but as they are they shouldn’t take too much time to read through. Yay. (Okay this is really starting to seem like I’m hating every minute of it, but there is a point here, too, which is that I actually do have a life apart from school, which includes a full time job so I’m getting quite alarmed about the books just piling up because who could sell me a slice of time please?)

And then there’s two more books I got from my teacher, which he believes could help me with parts of the thesis that are not so much about FF itself. We’ll see if I ever get there. And then, of course, I have a list of approximately 8 books I should check out in the library, three of which I already think could really be of some use.

What would I rather be reading then? Well, here’s a selection.

I’m about two thirds done with Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings. It would be nice to finish it at some point. Same thing with Joanne HarrisRunelight (in PT). Will O’ the Wisp is a gorgeous comic, also on my currently reading list.

Fifty Shades by EL James, because why not? Besides, I am writing about FF, so.. Call it research if you will.
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, because well. It’s about time.
If I Stay by Gayle Forman, because I saw it, it was pretty, it was shortish and the idea sounded lovely.
The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, because everytime I was in the damn store I picked it up, no matter what shelf it was on.
Hannibal by Thomas Harris, because I already read the Silence of the Lambs. (Bought this from a used book store in Finland, great find, and that’s why it looks a bit worn.)
The Rule of Four by Caldwell and Thomason, because I found it in the same store as above and the idea sounded nice. And it was cheap. Is important. To buy cheap books.
Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, because see Hannibal.
A Vida no Céu by Agualusa, because I did a work on it for school and read about the book and though it might be nice and then found it in the store randomly and had to have it.
O Sétimo Selo by dos Santos, because I happened to be in that section of the store and it sounded interesting as well.
O Voo do Corvo by Juliet Marillier, because this was a gift, actually and sounds fascinating. (Raven Flight in EN)

So. We wait. And read.

(featured image is mine)