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Poem: Okay


I see you in my dreams,
I cannot hide from it anywhere.
And my deep midnight screams
are the proof that you were there.

Together, in a foreign room.
Alone, once the crowd has gone.
Side by side, as before the wound,
but even here the damage is done.

My heart races – I need you here.
You don’t notice, you’re with your book.
The slightest touch, right near your ear,
in the end that’s all it took.

Your eyes are on me,
they pierce my soul, wild and straight –
but it’s my turn to ask this.
Quietly, a whisper. “Are you okay?”

A voice full of worry, false indeed,
and you notice, I can see from your nod.
It’s for me, the question, and in it I need
the same gentle caring that only you’ve got.

I get it, you close your story,
“Are you?”, you whisper back.
And me, tearing up, feeling so sorry
for everything that let this come to that.

I can’t look at you, the walls are kinder,
the door stands slightly open.
The voices coming through it a reminder –
we are not alone, and hearts are broken.

Your breath is far too close to my skin,
I feel the tingle, feel your stare.
Your gorgeous brown eyes live so deep within
that even in a dream it’s like you’re there.

And I look then, deeper than I’ve ever.
I’d give it all up now if I could.
I shake my head, your smile so clever.
I smile back, and feel better than I should.