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Poems from the Past: Sweetie, It Works and Said

Here’s a little special treat, especially for those who know me personally; two poems I’ve written some years ago. Feel free to compare to the ones I’m writing now. Sweetie, It Works is dated more or less on 11.12.2007, and Said on 21.1.2008. (I wrote that on my 18 birthday? Wow..)

Sweetie, It Works

By saying this,
I commit to you.
I know my limits,
I swear it’s true.

We waltz through the garden,
we laugh in the light.
As days fall from grace, we can
reach for the night.

Watch me fly!
I can make you strong!

Listen to the sound,
it will tell you a lot.
To be with you…
Without I cannot.

So we run –
We run!
to the Caspian Sea!

I have to admit, this is still one of my all time favorite poems of myself. I don’t know why, exactly, but I like the rhythm. And it seems like a very happy little thing. Always has. And what was my inspiration for this, you ask? Surprise, surprise, our history teacher showed us a map that said Caspian Sea. And that’s all it took.


Don’t say that it’s going to hurt you.
Don’t say you’re afraid that you’ll break me.
Don’t force me to kill my own loving.
Don’t swear that you’ll always be true.

It’s naked,
it’s raw,
it’s ruthless.

It’s worth all the pain and the blood.

For saying those words you’ll need them
you’re mute ’till I say it’s okay.

Your mouth and your tongue and that whisper…
I’ll rip ’em so nobody knows.

Honestly, I didn’t even remember this poem, it just happened to be there with the previous one, so I read it before the other. (I was only supposed to put the other one here now, but I really liked this one, too, so here you go!)

If these two made your poet senses tickle, there’s some other ones I can put here later as well.