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Procrastination + The Land Before Time = Studying

What do you do when you’re bored out of your mind? Google random sh*t. What do you do when you’re bored out of your mind when you should be studying for your Italian test for next morning? Google random sh*t in Italian! I’m procrastinating AND studying at the same time, whaaaaat….

It’s unbelievable how uninteresting you can make anything, no matter how into the topic you actually are, just by simply making it into a subject with tests. I just feel like my brain can’t handle any more Italian, or any other language for that matter, right now, which usually means that all the languages I can think in (or yea, speak, if you want to be all social and stuff) go crisscrossing in my head.
But then again I would really like to spend as much time as possible studying, so that I could get a proper grade in the test and keep my average as it is…

So what did I choose to google, then, in Italian? I thought hard about it, and figured it has to be something that I already know something about, and something that really interests me, given that my energy levels are dangerously close to 0 when it comes to studying. So I thought dogs. But well, you know, I don’t know, I’d just look at the pictures, and stuff, and it’s all just about one thing really and blablabla, and then I thought about Finland. Yea, okay, Finland. I’ll wiki Finland and read stuff about it in Italian. Ha, I’m so smart.

And then I started, and thought to myself that maybe it wasn’t such a good topic after all, cos what vocabulary would you have there that we’d studied in classes, and grammar and stuff…
And then I went on and saw this word and that word, and a bunch of others too, which were in the list we were supposed to study too! And then I noticed that the whole text is full of prepositions. Those evil little bastards that always complicate my language studies, in every single language I have studied… Better keep an eye out for those.
So yay, maybe this’ll prove useful afterall.

…And then again, who am I to doubt the power of studying for tests by reading stuff on the internet. I studied for my final exams in French and Swedish by watching The Land Before Time, orĀ Alla ricerca della Valle Incantata, as the Italians would put it.

(And once again Littlefoot saves me from the depths of boredom.)

// Okay, I did not know that The Land Before Time was produced by Spielberg and Lucas. Should I be less surprised or more?