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Project: Vampires

The night before a day with a test, another test waiting the day after, writing my heart out. Something that has nothing to do with either test! Yes, aren’t I a model student. Well, I just sort of figured that after all this studying (which actually did happen) I deserved something nice. So I dug out the story I had not touched in ages – I didn’t even remember what I’d written anymore. And I managed to write 3+ pages! Yay for me!

The stairs creaked under every step, if you didn’t know where to place your feet. I had learned the right spots when I was a lot younger, hiding away from my parents, sneaking in and out with my siblings and friends. I knew every floorboard and what noise they made, when you stepped on them. Even the slightest touch could set some of the blanks off to screech like a dying pig. Of course, I had not been in house for quite a while, but I figured I could still move through it like a ninja in disguise; given that I wanted to. Right then – my brain under a heavy influence of a lonely heart – I thought I didn’t need to. So I just skipped right up, making hell of a racket as I went.

Why should this be such an achievement? Because, not only did I think I had lost the ability to actually write anything other than essays and poems, but the part where I had left off in the story was also related to something I have by now forgotten, so I had to try and work around it, making up the plot as I wrote. Okay, sure, the outline I have thought of for the story – not even written down – is loose to say the least, but you just have to take my word that it was a difficult spot to start writing from… Luckily something took over my brain and my pen and the story and now I have a whole ‘subplot’ (not sure what to call it) to work on and make the story a little longer! Which is good because I think I will have to add a lot of things in a lot of places if I ever reach the end in this first version and start re-working the story. We’ll see.

This man wore a similar grin to that of the creature who had already stolen my heart with it. But it wasnt the same; there was something horribly wrong with the way this one used it on me. There was so much more of the hunger, the same they all shared, and basically none of the trickster, the twinkle, the human. The man I’d been looking for couldn’t have had anything to do with this one.

By now I’ve reached chapter 6, which is already a lot more than I thought I would. But once again, we’ll see.
This time I wrote a bit of a guideline so I know exactly what is supposed to happen, in case it takes me another couple of months to continue.

Somewhere in me something woke up. I remembered another pale man, a faint line of blood running, unnoticed, down his chin; warning me about someone. Someone named Oliver. Someone with an ability to lure anyone to do whatever he wanted. With just one word. A man more the likes of an animal; a snake; than human. A slippery bastard who cared nothing about anything. Would use you as a bait in his plans; a cruel creature like no creature; beyond any law of any race. And this man, this Oliver, stood there with me weak in his arms, charming as ever; even when his face was hidden under my hair, the red of my veins disappearing into his hungry jaws. With another one of his women calling him; jealous; at the door. Seeing her there – visibly upset for seeing me with him – I met her eyes, proud as hell to have made her feel that way; smiling victoriously; ‘his mine now’.